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Henkel is the world market leader in adhesives for consumers, craftsmen and industrial applications. Here you'll find information about our portfolio of adhesive brands, LOCTITE, AQUENCE, BONDERITE, TECHNOMELT, and TEROSON.




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Automotive Engineering Channel

Looking for automotive industry trends? We cover topics like the rise of aluminum use in vehicle design, recent product innovations and cost cutting processes that all pertain to the automotive OEMs and suppliers. Subscribe and expect 2-3 new posts a month, with new topics frequently.

Lighten Up

Meeting Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards means re-examining every aspect of today’s vehicle. New, lightweight materials like aluminum and composites are being used more than ever before, but are posing new challenges. Join us as we discuss, and face these challenges...


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Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Channel

Get tips and recommendations from our tech experts, and Henkel engineers on repairing and keeping your cars, motorcycles, and boats in their best condition. We will have 2-3 new posts a month, with new channels and topics!

All About Threadlockers

Answering your common questions about red, blue, green and purple threadlockers, in the automotive aftermarket industry. When to use a threadlocker, how to use threadlockers, and what color threadlocker to choose.

Boat Maintenance

Common boat maintenance tips, tricks and answers to your questions. Learn how to get your boat ready for use in the summer and read about do-it-yourself boat repairs.

Car & Truck Repair

Answers to car repair questions, learn how to troubleshoot common problems, and get free auto repair tips and research do-it-yourself car maintenance.

Motorcycles & Extreme Sports

Common motorcycle experiences, answers to motorcycle repair questions, learn how to troubleshoot common problems, and get free motorcycle repair tips from experts and do-it-yourself motorcycle maintenance tricks.

Spring Cleaning & Restoration

It's that time of year to get your favorite machines and outdoor furniture out of storage and ready for use in the warmer weather. Here we give you our tips for lawn mowers, trailers, outdoor furniture, toys and more!


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Industrial Manufacturing and Assembly Channel

Industrial manufacturing and assembly plays a big part in today's biggest industry challenges. With this channel launch, we are featuring LED Assembly Solutions, including LED compatibility, potting, industry news and much more.

LED Assembly Solutions

When it comes to LED lighting, it's important to know what products are LED compatible, how LED thermal management affects the manufacturing process and what LED potting compounds can do to improve LED assembly. Henkel experts will be discussing these topics and much more, at the rate of 2-3 posts a month!


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Maintenance Repair and Operations Channel

This blog will focus on industries that require active plant maintenance, total productive maintenance and preventative maintenance. These include mining, pulp & paper and many more. Subscribe to stay ahead of maintenance industry trends.

Industrial MRO

Interested in preventative maintenance for various MRO industries? Subscribe to the Industral MRO topic.

Mining Maintenance

Interested in improving mining equipment maintenance and safety? Subscribe to the Mining Maintenance topic.

Power Plant Maintenance

Interested in protecting power plant equipment from harsh temperatures and other extreme conditions? Subscribe to the Power Plant Maintenance topic.

Pulp & Paper Maintenance

Interested in improving pulp & paper maintenance at the plant level? Subscribe to the Pulp & Paper Maintenance topic.